Precision Garage Door Spring Repair

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Every garage door has heavy-duty springs that hold tension and power the opening mechanism. We are broken spring specialists. These springs are commonly called torsion springs and you typically will not find this type of spring in a home improvement store. Garage door users should not attempt to fix a broken or faulty torsion spring without professional experience because the springs can cause major harm if not fixed properly. Our company uses only the highest-quality, high cycle commercial grade springs available to ensure our customers are safe and receive the expected results. Fix it Right and Forget it!

Spring Repairs Completed Right the First Time!

We are Boise's garage door spring repair experts, and every member of our team takes that job seriously. You can expect thorough inspections and upfront answers about pricing when we arrive at the job. One of our professionals will diagnose the problem, express concerns, and offer solutions that will repair the problem. Our technicians know how to precisely measure the door, calculate the weight, and identify the type of springs you need or have to give you an accurate quote. Call Precision Garage Door Service of Boise for prompt service from experienced professionals! We respond to calls 24/7.

Beautiful Garage Door Replacements

Is your garage door looking old and worn down? Are you looking for an easy way to improve the exterior appearance of your home? Precision Garage Door of Boise has the perfect solution! We are a well-known garage door retailer and installation specialist. We offer a variety of new garage door styles, colors, and materials to choose from. One of our technicians can show you pictures of our past projects and help you determine which style is best for your budget and your needs. Our options are affordable and we are confident they will satisfy your desire to have a beautiful garage door.

Common Questions About Garage Door Repair

Does my garage door require any maintenance?

Yes. Your garage door is an important, but often overlooked, part of your home. We offer services for noisy garage doors (a common problem in Boise), as well as a variety of other common issues. Contact our technician team today if you suspect a problem with your garage door operation.

Can you make my garage door so it's not so loud and noisy?

Yes, that's a big part of what we do at Precision Door Service!

My door opens very slowly; can I make it faster?

It depends on the issue. The garage door operation is more complicated than it appears on the surface. Your garage door is a heavy object and this might be one of the reasons that it opens slowly. One of our repair technicians would be happy to take a look at your door to identify ways we can make it faster. It might need some new springs, cables, motor, or another part.

We heard a loud noise in the garage and can't open the garage door now. What could be wrong?

It is probably a broken torsion spring. This is a dangerous issue if you don’t have the training to replace the spring properly. Our company has access to the best products on the market to fix this problem. Call us right away!

Our garage door opener will not do anything when we push the button. What is wrong?

Your remote might need to be reprogrammed, your motor might need to be replaced, or the LED sensors might need to be adjusted.

My garage door doesn't close all the way. Sometimes it reverses at the bottom, or right after it starts moving. What do I do?

The issue probably has to do with the sensor lights. The sensor is there to detect objects in the way of the door operation. Double check to make sure nothing is obstructing the light beam. Adjust the sensors manually and try to line them up. If neither of these options work, call us!

The cable on the garage door appears to be frayed. Should I be concerned?

Yes, this poses a safety hazard for anyone who is near the door or uses the door on a regular basis. Schedule a service right away!

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